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Parking is the biggest challenge in making any city smarter, With MyParkings get all parking under your authority under a common digital platform

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Barriers to Parking Management in Cities

There are barriers that hold back policymakers and city administrations who might wish to introduce parking management to its full extent in their cities using a strategic and integrated approach


Lack of (general) awareness about parking management and its benefits


Lack of understanding of the parking management concept, its process, or how it fits into smart city planning


Lack of support (either institutional at a higher level, or lack of resources)


Inconsistencies with, or limitations resulting from other policies and/or legislation that hamper a holistic approach to parking management


Lack of public participation when developing parking policies


Lack of institutional cooperation (both horizontal as vertical)

Smart Parking For Smart City

Learn How MyParkings Can Help in Implementation of Smarter Parking

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Automate and Grow

Automate and Grow: Manage & automate all your parking locations through a central panel, manage slots, view performance & have full control over parking vendors

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Open New Revenue Sources

With MyParkings end-to-end solution open new avenues of revenue with multiple new assets like cards, QR codes, and Parking slips

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Citizen Services

Provide world-class digital services to a wider range of populations, eliminate their day to day parking-related issues with dedicated parking mobile app

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Insights and Reports

Insights and Reports: Deep dive into metrics customized for your revenue growth and measure goals related to each parking

Parking Management is key to managing urban mobility

Urban Planning

Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning is a strategic and integrated approach for dealing with the complexity of urban transport. Its core goal is to improve accessibility and quality of life by achieving a shift towards sustainable mobility. Parking is the Key Element towards SUMP and MyParking provides industry's best approach towards Urban Planning of Parking & Mobility

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Smart Parking : Happy City

Parking management has a good impact – acceptance ratio compared to other demand management measures like road pricing.

Parking Management leads to less park search traffic.

People usually moan before the new parking management is introduced but initial opposition turns to support when they realize its positive impacts

Parking Management will not stop companies investing in your city.

Guaranteed parking spaces at workplaces influence modal choice significantly

Parking management contributes to road safety.

Plan for sustainable mobility in the 'Smart City' with MyParkings

Parking management can contribute to a sustainable vision for your city, and therefore to the defined objectives of Urban Planning.

Improve Liveability

Improve air quality and reduce noise

Reduce congestion

Improve (multimodal) accessibility (of functions)

Improve social inclusion

Improve (quality of and fair distribution of) public space

Improve economic vitality

Parking management has direct relevance to all these objectives, With MyParkings Smart Parking Solutions Make your city smarter

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