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Ready-To-Go Smart Parking Solution

Residents are interested in an attractive neighborhood, with good quality and safe urban space. They might also be interested in finding on-street parking close to home for short-stay use or for longer-stay use (nighttime parking). Private parking space at home or close to home is not always used for car parking, creating additional pressure on the street parking capacity.

Smart Parking For Municipal Corporations

Pay As You Go

Our models are highly flexible and drives on pay per use basis

Tailor Made Solution

Our unique modular approach helps us in providing unique solution based on requirement

Platform as a service: PAAS

We provide end-to-end solutions in form of an easy to use platform

Smart Municipality

Make Your Municipality Smarter

Parking policy and management measures are not alone standing. In practice, measures can support or undermine each other. However. integrated parking management can serve different sustainable mobility objectives.




Enabling economic development

Our awesome features

Get your Municipality Smarter

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